#KaonSerye: Selera Sets at SM

It was the first weekend of the year and many were still celebrating the season of Christmas. After all, it was technically Christmas until the Sunday of the Three Kings.

Sadly for Keen and me, holidays were quickly over and the usual work days have already resumed. But that also means our typical Saturdates and #KaonSerye are back! And since it is part of my 2018 resolution to blog every week, what better way to get things started than to blog again about our love for food.

Restaurants were filled with friends and families having belated reunions on 2018's first Saturday. After much discussion and strolling, we found ourselves seated in Selera. Good thing we were able to get a table before more than half of the restaurant was reserved by one group.

Although Selera has been in SM for a while, it was our first time to eat there. It was easily dwarfed by other restaurants such as Hukad, Kuya J's and Mesa. The restaurant was relatively small but it was comfortable and very modern…

2018 Resolutions!

New year's resolutions may seem overrated now. But for me and Keen, it is something we take seriously. Last year, Keen managed to stay committed to his 2017 resolution of not having any beer for the whole year. It was difficult especially when we would pass by our favorite place for ice cold beer, the BC Chicken House in Ecoland. For group gatherings, we had to pass the beer and opt for hard liquor instead. That was quite intense.

So last January 1, 2018, we finally went back to BC to order our first drink for the year. We each had a bottle of ice cold San Mig Light. Keen finally did it. Congrats babe!
Now this 2018, we are planning for new and feasible resolutions. And here's what we came up with:
1. KEEN - go to the gym four times a week 2. MAI - blog at least once a week
Mine may not seem that much compared to Keen's but believe me, being in a corporate environment is tough. It will truly be a challenge especially on hectic weeks where I might be busy even on weekends.

A Year of Hope

It's been a while since I wrote a full length blog. The last few months of 2017 has been hectic for me that I barely had any time left to write for personal blogs. I got sick and admitted to the hospital the second time around. A few days later, my upper left impacted wisdom tooth began to swell and caused me so much pain. All of these while I was still trying to go back in full swing at work after I underwent a knee surgery barely two months ago. At some point, it made me think twice about staying in my job because of health reasons. But with an understanding team, family and partner, I was able to surpass all the trials and eventually cope up.

Like what I told in my mandatory social media year-end post, 2017 has taken me to my lowest and highest points in life. This year has given me some unexpected twists and turns, many of which which has tested my patience, priorities and character. There were times when I just felt like giving up. But even though giving up was an easier opti…

I'm Vlogging!

Yes, you read that right. I am finally vlogging!

Similar to blogging, it took me a while to finally start it. I guess sometimes you don't get enough time or motivation to do so. And you also doubt about being consistent about it.

However, today I just felt like I needed to finalize if I want it or not. So here I am, finally publishing my first ever vlog!

This is just a short video introduction though and I will be doing my best to improve along the way :)

My Road to Recovery: My Gratitude

I couldn't sleep so I decided to write this post this instead.

The past few days have been really tough. There's the physical struggle where pain is inevitable. Then the mental part is a deeper struggle only few could understand. There's also the emotional part where suppressed frustrations and anger are beginning to manifest.

But I'd like to take this opportunity to be grateful instead. So thank you to my family for being my rock in my everyday life. Without whom, I might not find the courage to stand again. I love you all so much.

And a special thank you to my man, who was with me almost every single night I was in the hospital, who took a leave on the day of my operation just to hold my hand before I was taken away, who listened to my deepest thoughts, doubts, and fears, who had to sacrifice with me because my health was a priority. Your presence always gives me a leap of joy. Thank you for putting me to bed before you leave. And thank you for bringing me out, to en…

Encouragement Photo Challenge - October

It has been two weeks since my left knee got swollen. I haven't been able to walk properly since. It's been two weeks since I have been to the office or simply just outside the house aside from the hospital. For someone like me who loves to walk around and finds joy in roaming around the city, it has indeed been two long weeks.

But tonight as I contemplate on the unfortunate things in my life, I was able to identify the good things I have in my life as well. And truly, I am grateful to God that I have my loved ones who have supported me all throughout my journey. Despite the fact that I've become so dependent on the many of the basic routinary procedures I have in life, I have so much to be grateful for. And in that gratitude and love, I take my inspiration to do my best in my recovery.

So my Encouragement Photo for this month of October is about strength. No matter what happens to us in life, we have to draw strength from the people we love so that we are inspired to move…

My Road to Recovery

Last week has been one, if not the most, challenging week of my life.

Monday, I woke up with a swollen knee. I thought it was just one of those moments when my knee cap dislocated while I was asleep. I've been having similar incidents previously since I had a biking inicident two years ago. However, I could easily return it to its proper place by twisting my knee on a certain angle. But that morning, it was really swollen and painful. I had an 8am meeting that morning so I had to bear with it. I even went to the clinic before my conference call to ask for a pain med and hot compress.

The meeting lasted until 3pm. By then, the swelling did not subside. The nurse advised me to go the doctor. I left the office right away and went to the Davao Adventist ER, which was not too far from home, since there would be no more doctors in the clinics by that time.

I was on my own when I had to undergo all the blood tests, urinalysis and xrays. Good thing there was an aide who was kind enough to…