Dealing with Difficult People

We always have this one or two coworkers whom we never like or get along in the office. Sometimes it makes you question what's wrong with yourself. Why is he or she treating you this way? But when you hear other people saying the same comment about them, you feel a sense of relief that you're not the only one putting up with all the drama this certain person is giving you.

But that doesn't change the fact that you have to deal with them. One way or another, your paths cross. You get astoundingly long narrations in their emails. You hear some irksome comments from them. You receive unnecessary criticisms rather than constructive feedback. The list goes on.

In a company that's full of varied and complex personalities, it is inevitable that some people won't get along with each other very well. But that doesn't necessarily mean they have a terrible attitude or what. Their personalities simply don't match with everyone.

Now we go back to the dilemma on how to d…

#KaonSerye: Modern Japanese Street Dining at Sukidesu

Keen and I have been going to Aurora Quezon street to buy fresh buko juice and we have been passing by this new Japanese restaurant in the area. It wasn't anything fancy but it looked nice with all the street dining feels. We tried to eat there twice but the place was always full. Finally on our third attempt, there was a table for two available.

The restaurant was called Sukidesu. Their place was small and a bit cramped. But everything else looked decent and the staff were attentive despite being busy.

Keen and I looked at the menu and we were really surprised with the very affordable prices. Their gyoza was only 45php and chicken karaage 50php. We ordered both with a bowl of ajitama ramen and sukidesu maki.

Ajitama Ramen
Ajitama ramen was served first. The serving was just enough for one person and its price. The soup was surprisingly good too. As you can see in the photo the broth is rich and the eggs were done perfectly. Keen and I agreed it was next best ramen in town. And fo…

Wedding Countdown Reflections

Keen and I just celebrated our 27th monthsary. It's going to be a few months, more like a few weeks, before Keen and I will tie the knot. There are many words to describe how we feel - ecstatic, excited, nervous and pressured.

We are very ecstatic and excited about our wedding. Since we started our relationship, here have been plans already about marriage. And now that the date for the wedding has been finalized, we can't wait to begin the rest of our lives together.
Of course, we can't help but be nervous and pressured as well. We only had less than a year to prepare everything. Although we do have our trustworthy wedding coordinator to help us out which is quite a relief.
We also feel blessed to have gone this far. We've had many blessings that allowed to afford such a celebration. Although we've allocated many resources for this celebration, we remind ourselves that what's more important is what comes after the ceremony: married life.
They say that staying i…

#KaonSerye: Project Paella

Keen and I were searching for a new place to dine in town. We've been passing by Torres Street before and saw Soul Kitchen  and this new restaurant beside it, Project Paella. Since Keen wasn't up for some salads or wraps from Soul Kitchen, we decided to try Project Paella instead.

Keen wasn't a fan of paella because of previous experience. However, he was willing to give it another try since I like paellas, especially Paella Negra.

The place was small but the space was maximized well. It had a modern industrial interior design. Keen and I sat in front of their open kitchen where we could see the chef flambé.

The menu was simply comprised of a small variety of tapas, paella and dessert. Keen ordered Valenciana while I had my favorite Paella Negra. The we added Gambas since I wanted something spicy.

I thought a P180 per plate of paella was quite pricy. It turns out the serving was more than enough for one person, at least for Keen and I. Keen enjoyed his paella which had a g…

Being Open to Change

There is this innate attitude in people that makes them resistant to change. This manifests greatly when these changes throws us off our original plans or deviates from what we were accustomed to.

In terms of career, I never thought I'd be where I am right now at this point and age. Although I did say to myself in college that I want to be in this position by the time I was 25. When I turned 26 last year, I never expected a promotion to happen in the next two years or more.

Before that major change in my life, I was happy at where I was. I was contented in being stagnant. I even told a colleague that if I was offered a higher position then, I would refuse it. I felt like I wasn't ready to step up yet and that I had so much to learn.

A few days after, I had to eat those words. I was given an unexpected opportunity to assume a bigger role. Although a week earlier I had assumed an entirely different role, I never thought they would ask me to step up further in a span of a few day…

Finding the One

Someone asked me earlier why I wasn't so enthusiastic about her relationship with this certain guy she was dating. I replied by saying that I feel like he just isn't the one for her.

Now I don't claim to be an expert in knowing everything about finding the one true love. But I have been through a lot of crap in my past relationships. In the beginning of those relationships, I thought it was finally the guy I'd spend the rest of my life with. But when I met Keen, I just knew that he was really the one. I just didn't feel it really but there were certain characteristics that made me say so. Now to be more precise, here are three indicators that I can point out.

1. Consistent and Extra Effort

There are guys who will text or call you when they get bored while there are others who will always be there for you. The former is only there when he needs you. But the latter finds a way to be with you no matter what. They give up their lunch break to bring you flowers or take …

Being Healthier

I haven't been publishing some works for a while here in my blog. I say publish because I have been writing a lot of drafts but I haven't had the time to continue and proofread them. Anyway, I wanted to write down a short post just to capture the fleeting ideas in my head right now and the reflections that come with it.

I was recently sick which is nothing new. But it is annoying how it has become a norm for me. In as much as I would like to be healthier, at some point the food, weather or some virus would affect me. And learning from my previous mistakes, I cannot neglect simple symptoms that could worsen if not immediately treated. But now it appears as if I'm just overreacting over small things.

I have accepted the fact that my body or my immune system is not really that strong. But I have been doing my best to take care of myself. I have shifted my practices and the personal products I have used. I am working on going back to excercising more. I'm beginning to look…